Last gym visit?

Granite Park Chalet
Granite Park Chalet silhouetted in the shadow of the continental divide.

Last gym visit for awhile?


Was tempted to not go this morning.

Then i imagine the gym staff and think, don’t panic.

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You really have to prove it

Company Safety message
Safety first, right?


Safety first, right?

The life you save may be your own, right?

Prove it.

In this case, captain obvious is referring to regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate rest, and so on.




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Running, safety, Disney, leadership

Map My Run screen shot
Yesterday’s run near Disney.


Roadside construction crew safety
On the other end where the runner first approached there was no sign, no tape, no warning. Nothing.


Roadside construction crew safety
Also on the route was this different, much smaller construction crew who handled it perfectly on both ends.


In exercise and in business, it’s easy to blame someone else.

The utility company foreman was not on his A-game. Safety first, right? He blamed the runner for not avoiding the sidewalk.

A simple sign on the sidewalk would have easily done the trick. Standard signage they should always carry. Right?

Later in the day, while driving past, the foreman had placed the sign.

Roadside construction site near Disney
Left, middle: Do not use sidewalk sign is visible.


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Many workplaces place safety above all other company values?

Mark Twin quote about honesty


(photo: random Facebook update screenshot… no one at work tells lies about safety, right?)

How many workplaces place safety above all other company values?

All of them, right?


The most insidious exception is personal safety with our health.

Most of us are seriously unhealthy.

Last time we thought about it, what stops us from getting healthier if we truly understand that poor health habits are unsafe?

Classic, “If no one is looking”, or “If everyone else is doing it”, we won’t get in trouble.

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Maybe Today?

Maybe today is the day our son finds a physical activity that interests him. He is great on exercising his Mind.  Great with his Spirit. Decent on Money.

Body?  Well, he has a keen understanding of nutrition for a nine-year old. Much better than most adults.

Yesterday, after we pulled away from Twistee Treat, he asked me to call a number.  He said the first ten callers get a free t-shirt.

He passed the flyer up to me in the driver’s seat.  At the stoplight I quickly scanned it.

We were the fourth caller.  So today we go to Victory Martial Arts for a children’s safety demonstration, a t-shirt, and maybe something else.