Are you willing to pay the price, at all costs?

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So simple. So elusive. In business. In personal life. Master this and life doesn’t become easy, but it surely gets easier.

Are you willing to die to save yourself and enjoy a rare freedom?

And by die, this metaphorically means burying your old, unhealthy, daily habits and rituals.

Could you defeat the enemy and be considered a victor?

Are you willing to pay the price, at all costs?

Would paying the ultimate price inspire your loved ones to travel a similar path?

What price?

What sacrifice?

Defeat poor health and wellness habits.

Giving up the comfort and ease to lead yourself into nothing but healthy habits – are you willing and able?

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But there’s just not enough time today

PREP class announcement


(photo: Signed up online, using a phone… standing in a Church lobby)

Didn’t have time to run yesterday. Probably not going to get to do it this morning either. If it weren’t for the determination to write five daily, differently-themed blogs, the odds of running would be exponentially greater today.

And so it goes…

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Sacrifice Is Required


Sacrifice is required. And so is patience. You already know this. And you also know how difficult, and some would even say impossible, these are.

Yet we must, over time, develop the good habits that let us have a positive outlook, in spite of the setbacks and missed opportunities. It is our only hope for hope.

Four days ago, I had to pass on the Florida State Masters Track & Field Championships. It’s a 30-minute drive., and my “home track”.  But I’ve spent years with chronic foot pain and am not ready to compete again.

Lane 8 Luck Quotient

Lane 8 Luck Quotient believes:

  1. Luck is the residue of hard work
  2. The harder you work, the luckier you get

Yes, staying with a healthy routine is hard.  It’s difficult.  Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

I mean, even if you are highly motivated, eventually, you will find it easier to not keep your routine.

Look at professional athletes, or even Olympic Gold Medalists.  Are they the picture of health and wellness ten years later?

Hey, thanks for visiting, gotta go for now.  Exercise is calling my name.  It would be much easier to ignore the call, but ultimately, life is hard. Do it. Now!  Carpe diem.