Find A Million Ways To Stay Motivated Is Not A Clever Statement, It’s The Truth

Paris, 2009, heading to Helsinki, Finland for the Masters World Championships…

I’m here to help you stay motivated. Don’t let disappointments convince you to quit. Ever.

Held every two years, the World Master’s Athletics Track and Field championships begin today in Sacramento, California. First time in 15 years Worlds has been on America soil.

With every reason to be bitter for missing this (potential once-in-a-lifetime) home field advantage, I refuse to.

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Masters World Championships 2011

Will never forget trading my 2009 Team USA jersey with a Finnish runner, at his request…it was an incredible ‘Olympic spirit moment’…

Rarely held on American soil, the 2011 Masters Track & Field World Championships will be held July 6-17, 2011 in Sacramento, California.

I will probably not be there.

Too much, too soon.

Or, maybe a whole new way to approach world class performance.

We’ll have to wait and see.

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Speaking Of Childhood Dreams

Lane 8 & Jack Will Miss This Year's Nationals
Lane 8 & Jack Will Miss This Year's Nationals

Do you ever think back to the times, as an innocent child, when you dreamt impossible dreams. Oh, they didn’t seem impossible then. That only happened as you got older.

Like many children, I ¬†wanted to be a famous athlete. Maybe the next Jim Brown of the Chicago Bears. Or become the world’s fastest human. I was, after all, the fastest ten year old on my street.

Next Thursday through Sunday will be the 2010 USA Masters Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Sacramento, California. If you are at the meet, make sure you stop by the National Masters News booth and say hello to Randy Sturgeon, publisher of National Master News. He’ll be competing in the Pentathlon on Thursday, hopefully. He’s been nursing an injury, but will be there all the rest of the time. He hopes to see you there.

For good measure, and in the spirit of wishing to be there, I ran a 2:32 800 meters this morning.

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Master’s National Championships 2010

The World's Most Famous Track
The World's Most Famous Track

If you’re interested in competing at the 2010 Master’s Track & Field National Championships, here’s a link for housing information. I know, no one cares about the housing information.

But we are a curious bunch, aren’t we? Is it human nature?

So, I’m banking on your curiosity. To click through and to follow where this Summer’s story may lead.

Staying healthy and having fun, for our entire lives, is one of life’s biggest challenges. A small injury can throw us off track. A Family emergency, or a long business trip can do the same.

Or, maybe a serious injury, like Plantar Fasciitis can last two years or more. Eventually things get better, if we don’t give up.

The next five weeks will be very interesting, and very tempting.