How Much Is Enough?

Quite Showing Off…

My Intentions Were Noble
My Intentions Were Noble

Two days ago I overheard the conversation in the hallway about recommitting to getting healthier. Dude, I froze in my tracks. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 11 years.

You know the story, one mailbox a day for the first week…

So anyway, after listening for a minute or two, I grab the door ledge and lift my legs parallel with the floor, hanging, in my suit, for about 10 seconds, just to show that age is no barrier.

“Quite showing off….

Buzz Worthy? Lane 8 Vision

Lane 8 Is

Lane 8 Is A Metaphor For Our Lives
Lane 8 Is A Metaphor For Our Lives

Lane 8 is:

  • An Idea
  • One of the Life’s Big Four
  • A Business
  • A Website
  • A Blog
  • A Way Of Thinking
  • Our Physical Responsibility
  • A Movement

It’s tempting to write Lane 8 as a “Runner’s Blog”  It’s not.

It’s tempting to read Lane 8 as a “Runner’s Blog”.  Don’t.

If you currently struggle with your health, imagine what you’re going to be faced with in the years to come, if you don’t start to get a handle on it now.