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The 2012 Olympic Team USA Men’s & Women’s Track & Field coaches were named yesterday by the USATF.

While this well-being blog is not a runners blog, there are quite a few running references, because that’s how I exercise.

At the top of the Iowa hill during Monday’s run, I stopped to catch the sunset (on my sunglasses) and to take a peek at the stone quarry (background).

And then, on purpose, I caught the moon rise & the sunset within inches of each other.

Live your life. Have fun. Deal with your pain. Get help when you need too. Go for a run, a walk, a swim, whatever, just go. No excuses. Okay? Run (really slowly) one mailbox a day for week. You can do that, right?

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Runners Blog Or Health Blog?

Tell Him Exercise Is Too Difficult
Tell Him Exercise Is Too Difficult

How often do you struggle with things that ought to be pretty simple?

And when it comes to your health, what and how do you stay motivated?

Lane 8 is a health blog.

The catch is, I’m a runner.

Running is how I stay active. But running is really just the tip of the iceberg.

Running goals, ultimately, are simply a carrot.