Impossible Is For Amateurs

96 Percent ain’t good enough

What are you satisfied with? A 96% would be an “A” on most tests.  Not satisfied with an “A”.  The overachiever in me wants an “A+”.

Early this morning, I got an “A”, with a “96”.  I’ll take it and feel very good about it.  And feel very, very thankful, too.

Felt great.  Opened it up a bit on the second and fourth mile.  Heel held up nicely.

This leaves me cautiously optimistic.  So, I’ll celebrate with two full days of rest.  I’m due for this any way.

Have a GREAT weekend.  My favorite day of the whole year is tomorrow – Easter Sunday.

Carpe diem!  Chase your goals and never, ever, give up.  jeff  🙂


Cross your fingers

In a few minutes, around 7:15AM, I’ll be heading out for another five-miler. 

Moment of truth?

I hope so.

And I hope that whatever happens, I’ll be strong enough to surrender, should I be disappointed.  Or to be strong enough to embrace the enormous responsibility to keep moving forward.  This is an impossible-goal journey, which is more than ten years in the making.

From the memory of elementary school reading assignments, “Run, jeff, run.  See jeff run“.

Carpe diem, jeff  🙂