Two-hour flight, seven-mile walk

Apple Watch activity app
This was the warm up mileage at noon. Didn’t start app until we had finished walking through two big airports.


Goucher college tour
Walking tour of campus at 230pm.


Two-hour flight, seven-mile walk.

Up at 3:30am.

Drive to airport at 5am.

Arrive Baltimore 8:45am.

We walked at least seven miles back and forth between hotel and campus.

It’s safe to add another three miles for the airport walking.

Ten-mile day.

A decent compromise from the typical Friday 25-mile bike ride.


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A day in the life of a professional speaker







jeff noel inside Willis Tower lobby after winter run
Gotta figure out how to make it work. Non-negotiable.


A day in the life of a professional speaker…

Awaken in a hotel room I’ll never see again, totally aware it’s below freezing outside.

Bathroom. Pray. Make some coffee. Check emails. Read. Protein bar.

Practice presentation.


Practice presentation.

Dress for outdoor run.


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Waiting for sunrise to go for a run

Camp Rainey Mountain, July 2012…

exercise while camping

Left a marker, just in case. Better safe than sorry…

just in case

Trail running apparently is a spectator sport…

spectator sports

Yes, definitely a spectator sport…

Mountain views

Waiting for sunrise to go for a run. When is the absolute best time to exercise? Asking this question suggests that the asker is missing the point. There is no one best time.

Confined to a Scout camp for eight days, time to exercise was different each day. In some cases, it didn’t even feel or look like traditional exercise.

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