This is true even though it was never the goal

Daring greatly
Randomly stumbled upon this photo (just now) from a 2011 Tampa conference where i delivered a Disney Keynote speech for Healthcare Executives.


If you only do what others have already done, you will only feel what others have already felt. If you do something no one has ever done, then you will have a satisfaction that no one has ever felt. -Author unknown

Writing this morning’s posts from my 93-year old Mother-In-Law’s Senior Living apartment, i randomly found the blurred photo above. As i struggled to read it i smiled, because i was trying to figure out what had captured my attention five years ago…

Turns out the message was profoundly foretelling.




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What keeps us motivated doesn’t happen too often

Disney Conference Speaker
The juxtaposition of the Confectionary in the background and the t-shirt. Pixar Confectionary?


What keeps us motivated doesn’t happen too often. But it does happen. And if we’re lucky, it gives us butterflies.

Will do a one-mile time trial, shooting for just under six minutes this morning. A great milestone for an older (55) runner.

This is in preparation for one of only two 5k’s during the entire year. Next Saturday’s 5k will be the first one in the past year.

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Never saw it coming

Toy Story Charter Meet and Greet photo area


(photo: Do not plant your feet and stay put. Jump, run, walk, hustle, dance, skip… anything. Just don’t stay put.)

Four weekends in a row not exercising.

A surprising discovery.

Never saw it coming.

Physical rest to be sure, right?

But psychological fresh air?

Never saw it coming.

What a bonus.

Please don’t quit.

It’s been 15 years in the making.

Do not worry going slow, only worry quitting or not going at all.

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Twice in 10 days doesn’t sound extraordinary, but it can be

School door sign
Let us learn that not quitting is it’s own reward


Twice in 10 days doesn’t sound extraordinary. Should it? Exercising twice in 10 days almost seems poor.

Setting a personal record in a core exercise and then repeating it 10 days later is extraordinary.

Not quitting rewards us when we least expect it.

Rewards are not the goal.

Not quitting is the goal.

And not quitting is it’s own reward.

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The whole of Life’s Five Big Choices is greater than the sum of it’s parts

Life's Big Choices
Life’s Big Choices


The whole of Life’s Five Big Choices is greater than the sum of it’s parts. We find it incredibly motivating how determination, humility, and simplicity work together to make everything more amazing than we’ve ever seen.

For example, the past two weeks, core strength metrics have spiked to record levels. Attributed only to one thing – not quitting.

The point? Just when we think, “It’s not worth it anymore”, progress.

And even without a “breakthrough”, everyday we don’t quit is, well, also progress.


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