Can’t do core or won’t do core?

Mountain Goats
We took the path less chosen. Working diligently on core is a path less taken.

Can’t do core or won’t do core?

Core exercises are challenging because, generally speaking, we are starting from a weak spot and progress seems impossible because our core is in fact impossibly weak.

Here’s a little secret about core.

Core responds nicely and graciously when you stay with it in a slow and steady fashion.

Eventually, your core is remarkably strong.

Such a wonderful gift you give yourself.

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Just do it

Disney Keynote Speaker
Goal here: capture wearing two backpacks – one normally, the other backwards (in the front).


Disney Keynote Speaker
Same intent as first photo.


weight scale
Nearly 40 pounds of gear between the two backpacks.


Disney Keynote Speaker
The thought of not bicycling 29 miles roundtrip almost won.


two back packs and a bike
Four miles into it, the sweat i swore i would avoid caused me to take a five-minute break.


two back packs and a bike
The iconic golf cart bridge along State Road 535 just south of the Buena Vista Drive intersection.


Disney Keynote Speaker
Volcano Bay from outside Universal’s boundary.


Yesterday was the first time – in 18 years -i rode a bicycle to a Keynote Speech venue.



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At least i tried

SunTrust personal banker
The first person i met was surprisingly delightful. i should have known.


At least i tried.

Chase Bank, only a mile from our house, missed an opportunity to wow me.

The thought of being able to walk (or ride a bicycle) to our bank is appealing.

But alas, we will need to drive.

i would like to thank Chase for reminding me of a SunTrust Branch (close by) i had completely forgotten about.

Note: On Tuesdays (yesterday) and Thursdays, i do not exercise. These “off/rest” days allow time for administrative tasks, etc.




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Surprise, surprise, surprise

In each photo, catch the first (shorter) blue horizontal line – the mile times…


Map My Run iPhone screen shot
Yesterday, the first mile time trial.


Map My Run iPhone screen shot
Yesterday, the second mile time trial.


The night before, i was all excited about running in the morning. But when the morning came yesterday, it was really humid, and i just wasn’t feeling it, blah, blah, blah. Plus the time pressure of having an early High School tour.

But then, a runner. He unexpectedly came from behind and passed me as i finished the first warmup mile and stopped to stretch.

He was several hundred meters ahead when the stretching was done and i decided to see if i could catch him – slow and steady of course.

While the 6:06 split was nice, i had this crazy notion of trying a second attempt to go sub-six minutes. Had never attempted it because i thought it was impossible.

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On paper his strategy was a mistake

Windermere 2015 5k results
Yesterday’s 5k results for 50-59 age group.


At 55 he wondered if he could run as fast or maybe even faster than when he was 45.

Like a zealot, and although he had never done this, he ran the entire course as a warmup prior to the race.

He should have saved his energy. Conserved his resources for the big event.

His goal was to run the 22:10 he ran 10 years prior. His actual result was 21:50.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

We know this.

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