If we were on a permanent vacation

bicycling near Magic Kingdom
Biking around town is becoming more frequent. Heading to a client meeting in the photo above.


We’ve all done this exercise…

How would you ideally spend your days if you no longer had to work?


i’d walk or bike every day, like to the grocery store to get fresh food for today’s and tomorrow’s meals. i’d also bike to appointments and restaurants and friends. i’d spend time writing every day. i’d garden, and watch the sun rise and set every day. i’d go to bed early, get a good night’s sleep and wake up at 5am to anxiously begin another glorious day.


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If there was a vision for the future it was yesterday

Apple Pay example
Yesterday’s second snack stop was a 25-cent investment in a banana.


If there was a vision for the future it was yesterday. Biked 13 miles to Gold’s, completed an 80-minute workout, then biked home 13 miles. This four-hour commitment included two stops to get refueling snacks, using Apple pay since i only took my phone.

It will be cool to bike to Church in the future. And the grocery store. And the Doctor.




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A new worry to worry about (and slay)

Orlandos Best Disney Keynote Speakers


(photo: Walt Disney World Resort’s Team Disney building… site of yesterday’s meeting and lunch)

A new worry to worry about (and slay).

Gaining weight from being home too much and eating because of stress.

Five new pounds in the first ten days of retirement.

The good news? Was down to 153. So in reality, only up two.

Whatever, right?

Imagine getting to a place where you can feel the difference in two pounds – either way.

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Most Legendary Coach All-Time

Excellence Has No Finish Line
Excellence Has No Finish Line

Click here to read about the most legendary coach of all time.  You won’t recognize his name, but his record of accomplishment will blow you away.

The only reason you are invited, and encouraged, to read it is because most have never heard of this remarkable coach, his vision, his habits, his life.  Soon enough, he will fade away, along with his amazing accomplishments.

This really is your only opportunity.  Your life is too busy to come back. Being excellent at what you do requires you to work harder than the people who are good and very good at what you do.

So why do it now?  Because if you don’t have time now, you won’t have it later either.  This is the way life works and why those who are excellent develop a “do it now” habit.

Excellent people also know that their next best idea can come from others who are extraordinarily excellent.

Why? Because it could hold a simple angle or simple tactic to your success.  But you may never know….