Maybe It's Impossible

Is it obvious we take our health seriously?

Golds Gym Personal Trainers Orlando
Charles is a great person. Period.


Became friends with Charles in 2015. We met at Golds Gym Orlando. Charles is one of those people who takes his health seriously enough that you know without ever talking to him that he takes his health seriously.

May we all become a beacon like that. Whether or not we are a personal trainer.




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Buzz Worthy?

Your answer will mirror your actions

WordPress Word Camp 2014  CLEF stickers


(photo: CLEF also tested ‘forget passwords’ and ‘find passwords’…. this phrase won by a margin of 40:1)

What if we could forget, find, or f@*k excuses?

Our habits literally shape us.

When was the last time we exercised?

Now look in the mirror.

See that?

Your answer will mirror your actions.

You really are old enough and smart enough to know that either:

  • your excuses are invalid
  • your efforts are a great investment

You are the CEO of You, Inc.


PS. We must fight like hell for our health one way or another.

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Ever Think Like This?

In doing less can we do more?

Orlando's Top Wellness Speakers


(photo: The first hour long run in a long time, maybe the past year. Yesterday.)

The stopwatch screen shots can be boring to the casual observer, and yet they paint the picture of a person who only preaches what is practiced. There is a notion that in doing less we can actually do more.

It is up to us to define our ‘more’.

Take charge. Make your rules. Set your goals. Be on fire. Be that kind of person.

All day. Everyday.

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Health Is Wealth

First impressions are not always what we expect

Greenway Ford Dealership Lobby


(photo: Greenway Ford Dealership lobby. Yesterday, the fourth working day of retirement.)

The Car Dealership General Manager said he felt guilty by the obviously fit middle aged men (47 & 55) in his office.

No guilt was intended.

To be honest, it was a huge compliment.


Yet proof that personal vibrancy is uncontainable.

If what you do for work requires setting an example, vibrancy is like honesty.

Exceptionally rare and valuable.


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Health Is Wealth

Where does one get energetic from?

Retirement card


(photo: Card from colleague…Fernando used an acronym… how does one earn the label, energetic?)

Something like 66% of the American people didn’t vote on November 4 (two days ago). Two-thirds couldn’t make it work.

The number is even higher for the number of people who do not lead active lifestyles – regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate rest.


Because we are distracted, entertained, and medicated with busy-ness and apathy.

He who does not move does not notice his own chains.
-Rosa Luxenburg

Figuring this out is only one person’s responsibility.

We know this.

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