Staying Motivated

Happy present moment 60 year-old jeff

Disney Keynote Speakers
Wow, two photo uploads in a row. This one taken after this morning’s breakfast at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort.

CEO, You, Inc

The only thing you control is your thoughts…

Exploit this.

You’re welcome.

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Health Is Wealth

Where does one get energetic from?

Retirement card


(photo: Card from colleague…Fernando used an acronym… how does one earn the label, energetic?)

Something like 66% of the American people didn’t vote on November 4 (two days ago). Two-thirds couldn’t make it work.

The number is even higher for the number of people who do not lead active lifestyles – regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate rest.


Because we are distracted, entertained, and medicated with busy-ness and apathy.

He who does not move does not notice his own chains.
-Rosa Luxenburg

Figuring this out is only one person’s responsibility.

We know this.

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Comeback 2014

A 5:53 mile ain’t bad at this stage in the comeback

iPhone stopwatch mile split
Real life in real time… in-the-moment moments happen constantly


What if we had a great reputation with ourselves?

You know, that first thing we think of when we think of ourselves.

For example, our ability to do what we say we’re gonna do.

But our dreams are crazy. Tiring. Mundane even.

This is a long hard journey.

Too long.

Too hard.


A sub-six minute mile does not fall from the sky.

Wanted a sub-six. Delivered a sub-six.

Do what we say we’re gonna do.


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How Much Is Enough?

Would you rather have your reputation be go for it or play it safe?

Quote about conviction
Go for it, or, play it safe? Depends on our conviction, doesn’t it?


Facebook friends taking bets on how soon I’ll overdo it.

Kinda cool.

Should we hope our reputation is ‘go for it’ or ‘play it safe’?

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As You Get Older

She Summed It Up Rather Well

Team USA Jersey
Team USA Jersey

Just yesterday, they were talking as I walked up, “I hate him”. And they both laughed.

They were “kidding” as they talked about how fit I am. It’s simply the reality that makes up my day. I’ve come to understand that it will probably never go away. You know what it is?

I’m the kind of person people love to hate. At 51, when you do things like this, you get the predictable response.

It’s comical to me, because when I started, I was pathetic.

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