The dividends from being vibrantly healthy

Clermont Florida Five Mile Road
Received photo yesterday from Associate High School Director.


One of our Son’s High School administrators is a runner. Discovered this yesterday (6th day of school year) in an email exchange we shared.

He sent the map above with the ‘hidden Mickey’ in the bottom center.


Because of my intentionality in relationship building.

While this website/blog is about physical health, everything is connected.

Being vibrantly healthy builds confidence and confidence builds relationships.

And everyone knows that relationships, in any business, are key to getting things done faster and better.

Note: Two days ago my run had us crossing paths in the High School parking lot. He was arranging traffic cones and i was soaked in sweat as the sun was still below the horizon. He was “impressed with my time management skills”.

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If we ever doubted this, let’s work tirelessly to not to

90th birthday cake
Balance for an entire lifetime?


If we ever doubted this, let’s work tirelessly to not to. We know that picking up one end of a stick also picks up the other end.

When we neglect one area of our life, the others are negatively impacted as well.

Carrying a weak or heavy spirit, impacts our sense of self-love and diminishes our personal sense of responsibility to exercise regularly, get adequate rest, and make sensible food choices.

We know this.

We’ve covered mental and physical, now over to emotional (spiritual), click go.