160.0/8.0…prehab vs rehab

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160.0/8.0…prehab vs rehab..

Do stuff to be proactive with your health.

Exercise is prehab – pre-habilitation.

Not exercising is (almost guaranteeing) rehab – rehabilitation.

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What makes it so hard to believe that health requires constant effort and effort requires commitment

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What makes it so hard to believe that health requires constant effort and effort requires commitment


The health habits we spend our lives creating ultimately can pay dividends we never knew we would need later in life. Say for example, you are in your 70’s or 80’s and you fall, have surgery, and are then instructed to go through extensive physical rehab or you will never walk again.

And if you can not walk at that age, the decline to needing 24 hour nursing care is immediate.

What are our odds of doing the challenging work after surgery if we were unwilling to do it while we were healthy?

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Ever get a perfect health score?

Ever get a perfect health score?

Friday’s strength test and core test proved one thing in particular.

A decade worth of hard work, persistence, determination, goal setting, set backs, failures, successes, sweat, pain, motivation,  lack of confidence, confusion, stress, progress, injuries, rehab, physical therapy, core workouts, speed work, and endurance work.

Plus, stretching, flexibility training, 5k’s, 10k’s, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1,500 meters, obsession, surrender, thinking, smiling, hoping, visioning, praying, playing, involving family, sacrificing family, nutrition, reading, studying, working full time, volunteering, dreaming, sleeping, lying awake, and probably many more – but I better stop now.

The result?

A perfect score!  My physical therapist determined my core was a perfect score of 21 out of 21.  She used a test used on professional athletes to look for imbalances and weaknesses.

The leg strength test showed my right versus left leg was only 2/10ths of a percent apart.

The staff at Florida Hospital Rehab awarded me the “Most Symmetrical Person” they have ever seen there.

What all of this means is that the efforts have yielded extra-ordinary results.

Life is like that.  You reap what you sow.

I’ll try to not forget that simple truth.  Even though I’m easily distracted.  “Oh look, a bird”!

Make today a day to at least consider your physical health and ask yourself, “Am I investing in my health”?   Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

Good new, bad news?

Good news, bad news?

Bad news is I still have left heel pain, intermittently.

Good news is the staff at Florida Hospital rehab center said I’m the most symmetrical person they’ve ever seen.  🙂

What else would they say?  It’s their job to make people feel good about themselves.   Let me tell you, it sure worked yesterday.  🙂

The goal was to test my core.   Why?

After three consecutive years of season-ending injuries, it’s time to start a season with a good, honest look at weak spots and opportunities.

While I still have work to do, overall, my core and symmetry is excellent.

Gotta go run five miles.  I’m praying for a pain-free run, plus world peace, an end to hunger and poverty, and a wish that everyone will be blessed beyond measure today.  Carpe diem, jeff  🙂