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Exercising is not always about losing weight

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Oops is right when we stop exercising as we age.


Exercising is not always about losing weight.

And losing weight is not always about “looking better”.

What if we did something that was good for us as an adult because it was good for us as a child?

And what if doing something that was good for us looked good on us?

On the outside, and more importantly, on the inside.

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Need Help Not Giving Up?

Let’s Explore The Handful Of Acceptable Reasons For Not Exercising

Let’s explore the handful of acceptable reasons for not exercising:

  • Death
  • Um, I can’t think of any others

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One Question A Day?

Are There One Million Acceptable Reasons For Not Exercising?

A Robot Attack, Although Rare, Seems Like An Acceptable Excuse

Consider the keyword “acceptable” carefully before answering. Are there really a million acceptable reasons for not exercising? When you look at America’s health statistics, you’d certainly think so.

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