The Art of Health

The art of health is not something I’ve ever heard people refer to, much less talk about with any depth or consistency.  Why?

Great question.  Why do you think?

I’d like to invite you readers, and I know you’re out there, to get involved with Lane 8 and feel comfortable leaving comments.  No expectations that you leave comments, but hope that you will.

Been blogging daily at Lane 8 for seven months or so and can’t say with certainty that I’ve made it crystal clear that comments are more than welcome.  In fact, in the grand scheme, comments will help shape a sense of Healthy Community, as we all deal with our health and wellness challenges.

PS. One of the risks of blogging, if you aren’t aware, is how vulnerable and exposed the blogger becomes. Maybe there’s an art to healthy blogging.  Maybe not. 🙂

It Hit Me Yesterday

A Lane 8 follower commented yesterday and it made me think hard.

There’s a secret hope to inflict a (great) sense of responsibility on you readers.

It’s actually a fulfillment of my responsibility as a writer and thinker.  To think.  Then to write. And then to wait and see if it actually made anyone, other than me, think.

However, I do not let the scarcity of comments stop the daily blog postings. How would that be possible?  To preach daily focus, daily discipline and daily self-reflection, and not follow it.  That would be, well, hypocritical.

So, therefore, it is impossible to stop writing every day.  Why?

Because even though I thoroughly enjoy helping others, the real target audience is my Family.

PS.  In an apparent contradiction, even though I thoroughly enjoy helping my Family, the real target audience is you.