Six Tips For Better Sleep

World Class Rest?

This Everyday Health article shares six really common sense, and practical, tips for focusing on our sleep.

These things are painful to contemplate aren’t they?

Sleep, fiber, exercise, flexibility, colonoscopy, healthy body weight (BMI), cholesterol.

It is a sincere hope that you will appreciate Lane 8’s daily push (or maybe it’s a pull).  In his wonderful book about living, which he wrote as he was dying, Randy Pausch cautioned us to not hate people who nag us.

They nag us because they love us.  Start to worry when they stop pushing or pulling you to do better or differently.

Do you get that? I’m not trying to show off.  I’m  just trying to show.

It can be done.  You can do it.  But you have to want it. And you have to want it bad.