Amazing Power To Persevere?

Frequent Travel Is A Great Excuse To Not Exercise
Frequent Travel Is A Great Excuse To Not Exercise

Our habits control us or they set us free. Which do you think happens more often?

Most people don’t think long and hard about this battle.

But for me, it’s my job. A gift, so to speak.

Only running twice in two weeks is not healthy.

This would be the fuel that allows quitting to occur.

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Don’t Do It

Don’t go to the gym.

Had a great hour and a half with our son yesterday after school.  We had ice cream, played catch, rode our bikes and blogged.

Could have gone to the gym, but chose differently instead. Ultimately, a balance is required.  Working out is challenging. Finding time and energy is hard.  Finding excuses is easy.

Having very high health goals makes finding motivation easier.  But it is still a challenge to figure out how to achieve those goals.

Because it is so challenging, most people are tempted to give up on their big health goals.  Don’t do it.