If someone was always watching

Rob from Monsters, Inc.
Roz tells Mike Wazowski, “I’m watching you Wazowski. Always watching.”

If someone was always watching, what you eat, when you go to bed, when you awake, what you do for cardio and strength activity, how often you stretch and work on your core, and finally, they can recite your personal vision for your wellness, would you feel no desire to stop the observation?

Good for you.


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Noticing the record-setting trend is a competitive advantage

Going to the Sun Road
Looks uncrowded.


Glacier Park wildflowers
When pullouts and overlooks are full, it’s challenging to stop and smell the flowers.


Glacier Park wildflowers
Wildflowers carpet the landscape.


The National Park Service is celebrating their centennial. Glacier is expecting record Summer attendance. This is public information and easily available if you have a passion for Glacier.




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This blind spot was finally fixed

Overgrown sidewalk
From two months ago.


Colonial Grande community
A first class residential development.


early morning walk
A delightful surprise.


A public blind spot was finally fixed. The sidewalk was overgrown for one year. We live two miles from it and occasionally use it. i was certain someone living in the huge residential complex would take action. And accepted the fate of inaction.

Yesterday i was out the door at 6am for an early run but decided to walk (five miles) instead.

Rounding the corner much to my surprise, a completely cleared sidewalk.

The Orange County Government blindspot has been fixed.




This website is about our physical health. To leave this site to read today’s post on my spiritual health website, click here.

Lane 8 Public Service Announcement

I see a weird similarity between Apple and MLC. Our differences are similar.

You know what I find intriguing? Yesterday’s post has the easy power to drive readers away. And it has the easy power to gain a reader’s loyalty.

Insight: Don’t let tough talk (the truth) scare you, let it inspire you to do what you already know deep in your heart you should do.

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