Where are the good, reliable excuses when you need them?

iPhone Stopwatch reading


(photo: decent time outdoors as the Colorado Sun began it’s journey upward)

When was the last time we found it extraordinarily difficult to find a decent, quick, reliable excuse to not exercise?

Like there was no excuse within a mile of us.

When was that time?

Hopefully it was yesterday for you.

It certainly was at Colorado State University.

Life is good.

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The Running?

The running, well, the running stopped. And the move to Central Florida on a very limited income for a young couple starting out was tough. By the way, they had only one car.

So jeff rode a bicycle 30 miles one-way to work – at the Disney’s Contemporary Resort Front Office. A couple years later, they could finally afford a second car.

Jeff got a promotion. A desk job on third shift. And gained 25 pounds.

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