One Question A Day?

Are you in a portable prison cell?

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Are you in a portable prison cell?

Do we ever pause long enough to ask, “Yes or no?”.

If you get caught doing illegal things you go to jail. But what if you could stay one step ahead of the sheriff?

Eventually we get caught.

It’s like this: Years of consciously neglecting our health and we’ll go to jail as well. The prison cell is portable though. It’s called a human body.

There is no escaping the law of neglect, apathy, fear, pain, sacrifice.

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Need Help Not Giving Up?

Once we realize we are prisoners, we can start planning our escape

Metal horse sculpture in Chicago
As children we ran wild and free – what are we afraid of now?


Once we realize we are prisoners, we can start planning our escape

Fear is our prison.

We get one chance at this game called life. One.

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How Much Is Enough?

Your Expectations Aren’t High Enough

Don't Stop
Don't Stop

You heard me correctly, it’s not a typo.  Your expectations are not high enough.

There are people who publicly and privately think I should back off, or slow down.

And sometimes it’s easy to start to think, “Maybe they’re right”. But it never lasts long.

A song, a movie, a thought, a blessing, a tragedy – all these things snap me out of doubt, fear and uncertainty.

Last night, it was a movie, Invictus, an inspiring story about Nelson Mandela and the South African Rugby team.

Start walking, get moving.

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in a small (hell) prison cell.

And you’re telling me you can’t walk 4 or 5 days every week?

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