Comeback 2013

Our health should take a back seat to nothing

Chevron Gas Station sign about juggling life's priorities
Chevron Gas Station sign reminds us life can be very busy


Our health should take a back seat to nothing.

Health is wealth. – Anna Felegy (my wife’s Grammy, RIP 1989)

Repetition is the mother of all learning.

Our health should take a back seat to nothing.

Mind and body done, next, a short, pithy post about our emotional spirit, click here.


Buzz Worthy?

Top five things I’ve ever done?

been on PCH with Cheryl, for work, with Jesus, but not with Chapin (not yet)


Becoming healthy as a lifestyle – rather than as a need – is probably the best thing I’ve ever done, right after these four other chronological milestones:

  1. marrying Cheryl
  2. choosing Disney for a career
  3. becoming a Dad
  4. loving Jesus more than anything

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Day To Day

Was forced into a rare choice this morning

exercise while traveling
…darkness on the departure from The Renaissance
…and light upon return to The Renaissance

Was forced into a rare choice this morning. Run or write. Usually, both are possible before heading out the door for work.

The odds of writing later in the day are much greater than the odds of running. I went with the odds.

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Insight: Do you have a priority-filtering system when you want to do it all but can’t?

Besides Diet & Exercise

Time or money, which is more valuable?

rat race
rat race

Time or money, which is more valuable? A High School classmate who was nearly killed in a car accident (as a midlife adult) reflected last night how she thinks time is even more valuable than health.

Will have to spend some time thinking about this on tomorrow morning’s run.

This short invocation makes a decent argument, but doesn’t convince.



Our Body Houses Our Temple
Our Body Houses Our Temple

It seems to me, in looking around at all the people going about their business, that very few make diet and exercise a priority.

Can we all agree on that?  Or, is this notion completely misguided?

The only thing that comes to mind right now is,Why?”