Ever Think Like This?

Two ingredients that can morph into adrenaline

Disney conference speaker jeff noel
First one in the room, up behind the stage. Difficult to perceive, but the stage is two feet higher than floor.


Disney conference speaker jeff noel
From the back of the room.


Disney conference speaker jeff noel
Getting closer to opening the doors for 350 MAA 2016 Conference attendees.


Grateful for a few hours sleep, even if it was not nearly enough.

This happens sometimes.

This is where being well prepared and excited morphs into adrenaline.

Adrenaline is nature’s way to provide energy when and where needed.




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Called an audible two miles in

Google earth camera
Yesterday’s 10-miler near Walt Disney World on Fiquette.


Yesterday was the last run before Saturday’s Central Florida Glider’s track meet at Lake Brantley High School.

Two miles into a nice easy warmup, decided to keep going, meaning i called an audible and went left on Overstreet Road with no intentions of turning around. Rationalized in the moment that a decent 10-miler with progressively faster mile splits would be a nice break from intervals. Seven miles of negative splits before hitting Magic Kingdom Cast parking for a water break.

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Buzz Worthy?

It Begins The Night Before

The Guy At The End Has No Feet
The Guy At The End Has No Feet

Last night, thinking about this morning, I found this old post from jeff

It gave me goose bumps (again).

It just feels right to repost it. It’s entitled, “What A Chicken $#it”

Right here. Right now.

PS. The workday begins the night before. You’re good with that, right?

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