Final answer America?

Apple Store list by state


(photo: Only three Apple stores in all of Oregon. Only one in all of Rhode Island. But no shortage of unhealthy food.)

Most over fed, under nourished society?

How is this possible?

America, seriously?

Say it ain’t so.

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Health Is Wealth

Who’s a piece of trash?

Piles of trash bags on West Gulf Drive in Sanibel


(photo: the final morning run on Sanibel Island yielded this photo)

Not exercising and taking decent care of ourselves is such a trashy way to live our lives.

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As You Get Older

Back when we were 16…

Fall colors


Back when we were 16, how many of us thought we’d be healthy, active and vibrant for a long, long time?

What the heck happened to that plan?

Is it too late?

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The great summer of 2012

Never saw it coming is a big reason people quit

Disneyland Resort
Disneyland Resort...Disneyland Paris
running in France
it was better than no run at all

Never saw it coming is a big reason people quit. Case in point. Two weeks ago I spent a week in Paris…only ran 15 minutes. The past week nursing a severe head cold…huge wrench in running plans. Falling two weeks behind compared to where I’ve been working years to get back to…just another day in paradise.

Don’t quit. Even when things happen you never saw coming. Be flexible. Adapt. Stay healthy, have fun.

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