i chose green

Swimming pool florida
Orange, green or blue?

i chose a green raft to sit on while practicing the TEDx Talk: Why going the extra mile is a flawed concept and what to do instead.

Came in at 22:30.

Four and a one-half minutes too long.

First time practicing without having to remember what comes next. This is a victory.

Now the art of trimming the fat as they say. We need lean and full of power.

Whenever you plan to do something super important, allocate twice as much time as you think you need. Everything takes longer than you think. Sure there are exceptions, but they’re rare.

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Little unexpected bonuses from working hard

Airport departure sign
Second flight from top is ours. We had an hour to enjoy a sit-down breakfast.


Breakfast quality in Salt Lake’s airport was surprising decent. The 75-minute power nap on the first flight from Kalispel to Salt Lake City was also a blessing. Traveling all day is taxing. Eating well helps.




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When the unexpected bad things happen, we have two major choices

Path to Sanibel Island beachfront


(photo: This is the path that takes us to the beach on Sanibel Island. Down one loved one on this morning’s walk.)

When the unexpected bad things happen, we have two major choices:

  1. Lose control
  2. Maintain control

Like anything else in life, the degree to which we prioritize our busy schedules is the degree to which we plan for bad things.

The time to worry about bad things is when we don’t have to.

Does it make us immune from pain.


It’s still hard as hell.

Imagine if we didn’t exercise, eat right and get decent rest.

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Be as prepared as possible

Airport parking garage
Typical travel day is easily 12+ hours per day


Banking on yesterday’s slow five-mile run and a gym workout to pay dividends for the next four days of physical inactivity in Calgary.

Two long days of all day travel and two long days of classroom instruction.

This is how it goes.

Be as prepared as possible.

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