Lane 8 Vision

Three ways determination will pay off

Photo of lane 8 at University track
Lane 8 is about the paradox of the worst lane and a lifetime of fitness


This is the blessing of persistence. When we are determined, we will find a way. Sometimes through research, sometimes by process of elimination or experimentation, and sometimes by luck. No matter how our discoveries and breakthroughs come the source doesn’t matter – the finding does.

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Why we must persist no matter what others say or do

but, but… I have a big meeting today in New Orleans and no time to exercise

Why we must persist no matter what others say or do. Four nights in a row with eight hours sleep. Uncommon. Determined. Focused. Habit? Hope so.

We must persist in spite of all obstacles, including daily influences. If we don’t, we fail and remain part of the herd.

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Note: The herd is a metaphor for society’s beaten (and deadly) path.