What happens when we arrive where we used to be?

Apple Watch screen shot
Yesterday’s track workout covered many miles for a sprint workout.


What happens when we arrive where we used to be when we were younger?

We get all giddy. Right?

And why is that?

Is it because it’s exciting? Because it reminds us of how great being youthful used to be?

Found a running gear i haven’t used in a long time.

Fastest gear in six years, yet slow by peak performance from a decade ago.

What it means though, is that you are finally on the path to peak performance.


Ran 12 x 200 yesterday morning at the track sidewalk next to the nature preserve.

Felt like a kid again.

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Power In The Impossible

What’s the power in the impossible?


Yesterday, in a casual conversation, a friend mentioned that 90% of humans, if given the chance to transform themselves into something better, would not do so.

Can’t assure you this is a valid statistic, however, I’m using it here to illustrate a simple point. Even if the statistic is incorrect, there is something we can all agree on.

Most people (no matter the exact percentage) are afraid of change. Period.

And yet change is the only constant. Period.

What does this mean to you?  Probably nothing, unfortunately.  Why? Because 90% reading this are afraid to change. Most won’t think the impossible is possible.