Waiting for what, isn’t the path crystal clear?

Pre-school age children in school play
The young follow the elder’s example – who will break the chain?


Still waiting for permission to be the example of great health and wellness?

Waiting for what?


Perhaps we are simply following in the footsteps of our elders’ poor wellness habits.

And without actually saying the words, our actions are saying, yes, I am following the same path that will eventually make me wish I had taken care of myself.

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Parents Teachers Students

As adults, we are all of these – parents (most of us anyway), teachers, students.

Adults, due to societal norms and conditioning, often have us unconsciously – especially through media – teaching children “rights” versus teaching children “responsibilities”.

America was founded on, and defended for, the right that all (wo)men are created equal.  Innocent until proven guilty. The right to vote. And to pursue happiness, etc.

But where and when do we teach children about responsibilities? Exercise your body.  Enrich your mind through books. Pray and give thanks for your many blessings.  Get an education and a good job.

You may not realize this.  I never did, until one day, it hit me. Children look to adults for role models. If you don’t take care of your health, why should they?

Lane 8 is devoted to our gift of physical health.  Not perfect health, but certainly an earnest striving for optimal health. I really don’t want younger generations feeling like I’ve let them down.  Do you?