The (Painful) Journey

The long way is the shortcut

Disney Speakers
Disney’s World-Famous Jungle Cruise.


Disney's World-Famous Jungle Cruise.
Disney’s World-Famous Jungle Cruise.


The long way is the shortcut.

Just finished shuffling through five mailboxes.

First with Cheryl at 515am.

Then again with Chapin at 615am.

Three weeks ago we did back-to-back weeks at three mailboxes.


Because we aren’t in a hurry.

This morning’s “run” was the equivalent of one and a quarter laps around a high school track.

Ridiculously slow progress.

Couldn’t be happier.


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Comeback 2013

Some of you know this if you’ve worked hard enough and long enough

iPhone screen shot of run time
Not making this up. The focus and discipline it takes to understand pace is astonishing.


Fastest post (July) surgery mile run so far. Didn’t particularly feel like running at a higher level, but after a mile warmup and some light stretching, decided to push a little – nothing ambitious.

Quickly realized that not exercising for the past three days provided the gift of a well-rested body. Within 30 seconds a notion – let’s shoot for a 6:20 mile.

Some of you know this if you’ve worked hard enough and long enough – you can get really good at delivering on what you say you’re gonna do.

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The great summer of 2012

Can you run a mile and be off by five seconds or less?

ski jumping
but I don’t have the first clue how to ski jump

Can set a time target (say 6:00, or 7:10) and run the mile and be off by five seconds or less. Bold claim? Yep. How? Why? Been running with a handheld stopwatch for about seven years.

I study cadence, stride length, breathing efforts, knee lift, arm pump, the presence of lactic acid and my tolerance of it…

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Can You Get Better By Doing Less?

Some are very shy about their feet.

To a runner, having healthy feet is a blessing, especially if the runner hasn’t had great-feeling feet in years and years. The down side is that feeling great is a huge temptation to overdo it. So yesterday, I took the day off.

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Numbers, numbers, numbers


You Go On Ahead Without Me
You Go On Ahead Without Me

People who work hard have a way of making things look easy. This makes people who don’t work hard, well, jealous.

Life is not fair. But life does have natural laws, like, survival of the fittest, gravity, etc. It is what it is, and has been for ions. I hadn’t run very much in the past 10 days, due to a heavy workload. So yesterday morning…

With the goal of a sub-six minute mile, on a brisk Central Florida morning, I started off. First mile is always an easy warm-up, second mile the “time-trial”. First 800 in 3:03. Perfect. Crossed the line in 5:59.

Obnoxious? Yes. 🙂

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