Running Is Going Well

An Olympic Shot Putter. He won Gold – the only one in his age-group, 100-104.

Have adapted a new approach for world class Masters Athletics Track & Field competition. In the past jeff noel over-trained. Didn’t know. Learned the hard way. And it took years to finally wake up. Stupid boy (yep, Keith Urban reference).

So this year, a radically different approach. It’s exciting! Been doing it since late last year. It’s paying off. Refreshing, invigorating and it is, of course, a gamble.

How do you stay excited?

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What’s Holding You Back?

Racewalkers, in their 90’s…

Are you being honest with yourself?¬†Do you really know what’s holding you back?

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been exercising off and on all your life, something is holding you back from it being like oxygen.

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A Little Goes A Long Way

In analyzing why some people stay the long course with personal wellness and life balance, there’s an overlooked fitness tip:¬†Finding significance in your journey. Remember why you began it, what you dreamt. Learn from your setbacks. Cherish your milestones.

Then begin to create your story (fill it with details), so you can tell others – to inspire them. Inspiring others is also an overlooked tip I’ll explore tomorrow.

The Windermere Run Among The Lakes 5k was the very 1st 5k I ever ran.

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jeff noel & Son

How’s your March Wellness Challenge going?

jeff noel & son begin week 4 of the one mailbox a day for a week challenge. We’re four weeks into it so each day we slow jog to the 4th mailbox from ours.

Orlando mailboxes are 100 meters apart, so we are slow jogging the equivalent of a single lap around the track. After one month, that’s all we have to show. PERFECT!

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Something Beautiful

Welcome to March. Do you have spring fever? Do you want to get or stay healthy?

Join the club. I seriously doubt most of you will have time to watch ‘Something Beautiful’ by Need To Breathe.

If you watched it, there’s a good chance you exercised today, or yesterday. Funny how the two are connected.

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