Everyone has opinions

Apple event announcement
Android is better. No, Apple is better. No, Android is better. Ad nauseam.

Everyone has opinions.

Finally learned it’s best to keep them to yourself.

Some learn this very late in life.

Take me for example. Recently.


The harsh reality is that there are few people who you can trust.

And sometimes, like in my case, people you trusted 100% for a decade, two or three, for untold reasons, show their true character.

With 24,000 blog posts, anyone reading my blogs understands the daily, unrelenting authenticity, honesty, and integrity.

It’s overwhelmingly public. My blog post count has 7,000+ more posts than the posted, official world-record of 17,212.

It’s overwhelmingly consistent – never deviating from behaving admirably.

Be grateful.

Better late than never.

Insight: There are people whose opinion (this post’s topic) is different from what i’ve just written. Which then begs the question, who’s right? It’s a no-win argument.

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