Remember 1-Mailbox-a-Day?

What began from that April Fool’s day (2009) wellness challenge, to run one mailbox a day for a week and continue adding a mailbox each consecutive week, led to the first of several moments of truth.

The first moment of truth was about three years (2002) into running on my own, by myself, each morning in the dark, with headlights coming at you at 60 mph. And for half of the year, by Floridan standards, cold mornings to boot.

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One Mailbox A Day

The same week I started doing one push-up a day, I began running one mailbox a day for the first week. Then two mailboxes a day the second week and so on. Mailboxes are about 100 meters apart here.

The running goal was first, and very simply to “wake everything up” – tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage. The pace was slower than a slow walk. Seriously.

After one month, I was very slowly jogging the equivalent of one lap around a school track – 400 meters.

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Is The Mail Here Yet?

Kids mostly spend too much time indoors. Our household is not immune.Searching for a place to begin, I looked for several ingredients:

  • Easy to be successful
  • No travel involved
  • No equipment necessary
  • Didn’t take too much time

The one-mailbox-a-day wellness program that worked so well for jeff noel 12 years ago, as a 40 year old, might also work for a 10-year old.

Anything in the above recipe that repulses you? Put up or shut up – in the nicest way possible.

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