Tell me why again

Florida insects
Florida insect. A shell. The insect was able to craw out and leave the “old self” behind.


Florida insects
Yesterday i climbed a ladder to reposition a wireless security camera and was treated to this view.


Tell me why again.

Why isn’t cardio, strength, rest, nutrition, flexibility, core, and motivation part of your daily routine?

PS. This is the question i repeatedly asked myself until i got fed up enough with my excuses that i changed everything.

That milestone began in 1999 at age 40.


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What will i regret not doing?

Airport overflow parking
Random travelers i met yesterday in Florida airport overflow parking.


What will i regret not doing?

And is it possible to avoid it?

But if i discover some sort of regret, will it overwhelm me?

Will i see a fighting chance or just give up?


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This website is about our BODY. To read posts about our SPIRIT, click here.


Turn our observations into inspiration?

Small boy climbing on teen


American Dream


(photo: Top, one snowball in hand. Bottom, a pile of snowballs on the couch.)

The youngest of the nine got continuous exercise. The other eight got a tiny bit during the five-minute snow ball fight.

The ability to exercise our body is a wealth many neglect to cash in on.

Turn our observations into inspiration?

Inner voice: What? Because it’s really difficult you’re not even going to try? And you call yourself a leader?

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What’s My Obligation To You?

Maybe I'm a pig? And if so, which one?

What’s my obligation to you? I often ask this question. Since there is no charge to you, perhaps there’s none.

Then why write five different blogs, daily? Because I’m selfish.

PS. How’s your health and wellness commitment going?

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