How Much Is Enough?

It can add up quickly

Was a Guest on Jody Maberry’s podcast two days ago and he shared what we did in 5 days n Glacier National Park. The first number is for steps taken. Flights up also equals flights down – in case it wasn’t obvious.

It can add up quickly.

The number of days, months, years that you consistently stay active.

Same with the number that you don’t.


What’s the first thing you think of?

Totally a risk.

And an opportunity.

The only failure is staying inactive.

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Numbers, numbers, numbers

Back To The Concept Of Taking Care Of Our Numbers

If we knew the truth, we'd know even the ballon man has his troubles.

Had this epiphany the other day. No one but me is in charge of managing my health numbers. Not the doctor, not parents, not my Family, not my boss, not the government.

Insight: Its tough being an adult.

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