Caution This Is Most Contagious

Drumroll please……

Wait. But first, let’s just make sure we’re all on the same page. Two days ago was the anniversary of John Lennon’s death, and the topic of yesterday’s post.

But today’s Lane 8 blog post is not about John Lennon, it’s about motivation.

It’s also about the number one most contagious thing (and greatest success factor) in the world when it comes to motivation.

Are you ready?

Okay, back to the drumroll.  Drumroll please…..

The number one most contagious thing in the world is…….ENTHUSIASM!!!!!

Can you hear the echos of some people saying, “That’s it?  That’s all you got?  You’re wasting my time!”

And others, “Yes, that’s exactly it. Try to do anything well without a mountain of enthusiasm.  Seriously, go ahead and try.”

What works best for you?

Another Favorite

Yesterday I shared the favorite motivation tip:

  • Find a million ways

Today, a second favorite:

  • Pay attention

In August, I had the privilege to watch a 70-year old man do the equivalent of Roger Bannister breaking the four-minute mile barrier (1956).  Do you trust me enough to click here?

Please know up front that clicking will take you to an August 2009 Lane 8 blog post, which includes my You Tube video of a world record being broken.

Here’s a third motivation tip, as a bonus:

  • You must find time and reason to do things you don’t what to do