This Conversation Opened My Eyes

Prescription Anti-Inflammatory
Prescription Anti-Inflammatory

Foot problems are more common than most people think. Once you have chronic foot problems, you talk and listen differently than before, and develop bonds with other foot-pain sufferers.

So I asked him a few questions:

1. Did you get a cortisone shot? Yes.

2. Do you wear custom orthotics? No.

3. Do you take an anti-inflammatory pill? No.

4. Do you apply topical anti-inflammatory cream or gel 4x/day? No.

5. Do you ice your foot twice a day? No.

6. Do you wear night resting-foot splints? No.

7. Do you stretch everyday? No.

8. Do you do strengthening exercises? No.

It was never my intent to look like a show off, but it sure does, doesn’t it?

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