Wrong Is Easier

Doing it wrong is easier than doing it right.  You can screw it up by doing it wrong.

And doing it wrong, is as easy as doing nothing.

Ya with me?  Let me say that again.  Doing it wrong is as easy as doing nothing.

Doing nothing is easy.  Maybe that’s why so many do nothing.  Doing it right, is hard work.

The people who do work hard are also tempted to do nothing.  Most don’t believe this, but it’s true.

Take me for example.  Last night I made plans to run five miles this morning.  Instead, I’ve made a few rationalizations so I can do nothing instead.  Actually, I’m very busy this morning.  But not physically.

And so it goes….

The Hay’s in the Barn

“The hay’s in the barn”, Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike, told his team.

My all time favorite running movie?

“Without Limits”.  It’s the Steve Prefontaine story.

There’s a scene in which the University of Oregon track team is at the NCAA’s and Bowerman tells the team, essentially, there is no need to practice, “The hay’s in the barn”.

The hard work has been done.   Now, it’s time for the feast.  Time to celebrate, so to speak.

Yesterday, I actually had a very high quality speed workout and then a few hours later hit Gold’s Gym to do a light core workout.

As I was working my core, I came to a realization – I’m in great shape.  There is no need at this point to bust my hump.

The hay is in the barn.

Party time!  Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

PS.  Here’s Without Limits Trailer:

Inspired? If not, I hope you find it somewhere soon.

National Champions Texas A&M!

The 2009 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field National Champions are Texas A&M.  Go Aggies!

Not only did the Texas A&M women win the National title, but so did the Texas A&M men’s track team.

Here’s the aricle on this amazing feat that hasn’t been done since 1990.

My thoughtful wife actually saw the meet being televised.  She knows that Track & Field is the one sport I try to make time to watch.

While writing several blog posts yesterday, I was able to follow the action.  It’s always special and inspiring to me, to see something significant and rare happen.

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂