Winter Olympics 2010

Passion Is Beauty
Passion Is Beauty

What is it about the Olympics that stirs our soul and lifts our spirit?

Perhaps it the same as admiring a priceless work of art, or a magnificently built cathedral, or listening to a brilliantly written and performed song, or dining on a meal prepared by the finest chefs.

It could even be tonight’s sunset, or tomorrow’s sunrise.

Whatever it is, I believe it is critical to harness this passion.

This is passion for “art”, in all it’s forms.  This passion is what stirs our souls and lifts our spirits.

And whatever it is, we must find it, grab tight, and never let go.

The time for letting will eventually come, and hopefully, we will be ready.

World’s Fastest Human?

Anyone catch the Visa Championship Series – Reebok Grand Prix Track Meet yesterday on NBC?

Tyson Gay demolished the 200 meter field that included Wallace Spearman and Jeremy Wariner.

I mean, he totally destroyed the field.

In doing so, he clocked a PR 19.58, becoming the third fastest man to run 200 meters, behind only the 200 former world record holder Michael Johnson, and the 100 & 200 current world record holder Usain Bolt.

Can’t wait to see the 2009 Track & Field season heat up.

I also can’t wait to go for an easy 5-miler this morning, so I better get going.  Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂