I Smoked Em, Admits jeff noel

The 70-year old jeff noel beat looked like this guy, Guideo Muller. Guido holds the 70-74 400m World Record.

So I show up. Not knowing what to do or how to do it. Was wearing New Balance 473’s – more like trail running shoe than track spikes. Clod-hoppers is what they call them where I grew up.

An 11-year old on the inside lane, then me, and a 70-year old on the outside lane. The starter raises his pistol – runners to your mark (pause), set (pause 1-2 seconds), BANG!

One minute, two and a half seconds later, I smoked them both.

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Well, wasn’t sure I could beat Dave, but we’re the same age and I just had a hunch that maybe a new recipe for motivation had just been discovered. Time to head to the kitchen.

Upon Googling Track & Field “for old people”, found a link to The National Training Center in Clermont, Florida – 30 minutes away – and they held monthly Open and Masters Track meets from January through June.

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Dave? I Can Beat Dave!

The Mecca of American Track, Hayward Field, University of Oregon.

Out of nowhere, in an inconspicuous small town weekly newspaper, we see where the fella that built our house, Dave (my age), placed second in the 400 meters at Florida State Sunshine Games Masters Track Championships.

Dave, I can beat Dave!

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