The Timing & Location Seemed Like A Sign

No, it wasn’t here in my hometown, Walt Disney World.

The (2006) National Championships – August. Charlotte, North Carolina. Easy, affordable access from Orlando.

Recovered by then? Maybe.

But first, the physical therapist insists on strengthen my core. I said, “Is that somewhere in the middle?” Didn’t even know what ‘core’ was. But quickly found out.

And by the way, my core was pathetic. Maybe worse.

Physical therapist said injuries will continue unless the core is strengthened. Who knew?

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Back To Health Basics, OK?

Let’s get back to health basics. Man, this seems so incredibly important, and basic.

Isn’t that what First Lady Michelle Obama clearly articulated in her June 23 White House Press Release?

Here’s the bottom line: We can never tire of the basics.

None of us are really in a position to tell the others what or how they should maintain their health.

But there are some who have found “something” and, “somehow“, to maintain it for over a decade, they are becoming your experts. And you can listen to them or not.

But the one thing you can not do, is deny that these people have accomplished much, simply by using the basics. There are people close to you that you should tap into. Find out what motivates them.

No drugs. No coach. No personal trainer. No easy job providing extra time to exercise. No convenient location next to a gym, a “Y”, or school athletic facilities.

Just a pair of running shoes. Wake up. Lace up. Shut up. Walk to the mailbox. And start running.

Running. Just one of many ways to stay active.

What’s yours?

Check Blood Pressure @ The Store
Check Blood Pressure @ The Store

2010 Masters Track & Field National Championships

Deadline Is Midnight
Deadline Is Midnight

The 2010 USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships begin in 21 days and nearly 1,300 athletes have entered to date.  If you have not entered yet is not too late.

The late entry deadline is just two days away (Saturday, July 3 at 5:59 p.m. ET). This is the last opportunity to enter the championships.

The championships are being held in Sacramento, Calif. on the campus of Sacramento State University, site of the 2000 and 2004 U.S. Olympic Team Trials and the 2011 World Masters Athletics Championships.

PS. Hope I’ll be ready by July 2011…

USATF Masters Indoor Nationals

USATF Email Yesterday
USATF Email Yesterday

How are your exercise goals progressing so far this year?

And what do you do to stay motivated, in spite of all the easy reasons to quit?

After many years of running on my own, with no companions, and no competitions, I discovered the unusually satisfying effect of age-group competition.

First in 5k races, and a few 10k races.  But my body frame isn’t really built for distance – whatever that means.

And then there’s the fact that life can be bittersweet, can’t it?

So yesterday, in the rain, I have a great five-mile run, with virtually no foot pain.  Foot pain is what kept me away from the Master’s World Indoor Championships two weeks ago in British Columbia and what is keeping me away from this month’s Indoor National Championships in Boston.

Life goes on. Some opportunities go past us, and others will find us when we least expect them.

But only if we never give up.

Sometime soon, I’ll decide on if there’s another shot at competing this outdoor season.

PS. There are two posts at Lane 8 today. Scroll down for “health habits revealed”.

Master’s Advocate

Getting motivated is one thing.  Achieving a big goal is another.  But staying active for the rest of your life, now there’s an impossible goal.

Motivation is like a meal, several hours later, we are in need of more. Here’s one of my favorite “restaurants”.

Only you can make the choice. No one else. It’s very challenging to stay motivated. Find a million ways or people might look at you as a warning instead of an example.