What's Our Obligation?

Why aren’t more people showing decent results?

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The tale of commitment. One runs after the sun comes up, the other, before. Photo: Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.


Why aren’t more people showing decent results?

There has been more than enough time.


Why isn’t America a healthier Nation?

In 1999 i was so inactive and unfit, it literally sickened me.

That feeling (for so long) was exactly what i needed to commit once and for all to change and never look back.




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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

‘Tis true, the health of a nation is measured this way?

American Flag blowing in the wind against a dark sky


(photo: United we sit?)

‘Tis true, the health of a nation is measured this way?

The health of a nation is measured by the health of it’s people. – unknown


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Life’s five big choices.

Raise one, they all benefit.

Lower one, they all suffer.

We know this.

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Been To jungle jeff Lately?

Today would be a decent day to venture over to jungle jeff’s blog.


Because today’s message at jungle jeff is very relevant to what Lane 8 is all about.

Setting goals, achieving goals and sustaining those goals.  Modifying or changing our lifestyles to a more desirable, healthier state.

Motivation is the key.  But many people have false notions about motivation, inspiration and even excitement.


Memorial Day

Today’s post at Lane 8 is actually going to be a post from

Make it a GREAT day.  Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂