Ever Think Like This?

Rob Peter to pay Paul?

Atlanta airport, yesterday at 530am. Move (and eat) like it matters.


Rob Peter to pay Paul?

Does regular exercise feel like a free pass to eat whatever you want?

Does sleep take a back seat to exercise because it’s easy to rationalize that we are doing well since we regularly exercise more than most people we know?

Is it exercise or extra fries?

Note: lowest weight this morning since i can’t remember when. Competition weight is a unique feeling. Not too far from it.


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i see you running everyday

Tim McGraw iTunes screen shot
Live like you were dying can feel like it’s just a perception when in reality, it is true.


“i see you running everyday.” This is what people say to me on a regular basis. Truth is for the past year, i’ve only run three times a week.

Perception outweighs reality.

This phenomenon can be used on ourselves to help us find a million ways to stay motivated – so we don’t quit (ever).




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If you think you can create balance or you think you cannot, you are right

False statement about work life balance
If you think you can create balance or you think you cannot, you are right.


If you think you can create balance or you think you cannot, you are right.

And anyone claiming balance is a lie, a myth, well, they have chosen (in my mind falsely) the path of least resistance.

Balance is not easy to achieve, nor easy to maintain.

Living without balance is easy to achieve. Even easier to maintain. But staggeringly strenuous to live with.

Wake up America! How does that sound like an acceptable lifestyle, one we pass on to future generations?

So since it is strenuous either way, I choose the way that yields much more balance, more often. Otherwise it reduces us to living in a world where we have convinced ourselves balance does not exist.

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