Pain In The

World Championships Gold Medal
World Championships Gold Medal

Have you ever had something really important or “big” in your life, a long-time dream perhaps, where you where getting close to the end of your journey?

And you were so close you could see the glorious end in sight, but then the unthinkable happened.

How did you deal with it?  Did it work out for you?

Where you forced to compromise? Or maybe (gasp), quit?

Pain in the as foot.

Pain in my left foot. Still.

It plagued me during the August Master’s Track & Field World Championships. In fact, it has bothered me all year.

In the Spring, it seemed to be a dominant topic at Lane 8.

By June however, I pretty much had stopped writing about the pain, but not because it went away.

Eventually, I had to suck it up and do what needed to be done to make it happen.

In Finland, it didn’t turn out the way I had dreamed, but that’s the beautiful lesson – nothing turns out the way we dream.

It’s either better or worse, but never the same.

Enough About Tiger Already

The man is human.  Enough about Tiger Woods already.  Can we move on?

Are you ready?

I mean, for the New Year?

Okay, are you ready for December?  It starts tomorrow.

This gives everyone who needs it, 31 more days until the New Year starts.  A new year, a new beginning.

Seriously, if you are not going to focus on your health this coming year, there is only one simple question.

“Why not?”

Sorry if this sounds pushy.  It’s the way I’ve learned to talk to myself. Once I accepted the truth that it ain’t ever gonna be easy, and that I’ll have to talk like this until I die, well, it started to get easier.

PS.  Here’s a surprise. Who doesn’t like surprises? Driving home yesterday from a meeting, my son and I were surprised at the new road-side circus.