Here’s a wellness motivation tip we’ve never heard before

The book Assholes, in airport bookstand
Give ourselves a break please, or this could be the title of our autobiography, no?


Here’s a wellness motivation tip we’ve never heard before.

We are the only one who’s experienced every failure we’ve ever had.

Same with all our successes. And there have been many, if we subtract out the let-downs.

Focus on our shining moments. Live there. Bask there.

Move forward in that vehicle.



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Revisiting a short three-phrase morning mantra for waking up everyday

Humor (the old reliable) isn’t the only thing that can make us smile…

smiling tips

The past few mornings been repeating this mantra – from my first days as a career guy at Disney (mid-’80’s):

I feel happy. I feel heathy. I feel alive.

(say it 5-10 times while walking to the bathroom right after crawling out of bed)

Insight: Smiling is easy, if you know what triggers it.

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One Profound Secret

Each Day Is A Test Of Our Will
Each Day Is A Test Of Our Will

Do you struggle to stay focused?

Assuming you do, like me, then how does this lack of focus affect you?

Want to know a profound secret?

Create a ridiculously simple mantra that crystalizes your goal, your desire, your reward.

Here are two of mine. The first for overcoming addiction. The second for remaining motivated to exercise.

1. Every day or not at all. There is no middle ground. None. Period. End of story.

2. Stay healthy, have fun.  Being injured makes staying healthy and having fun nearly impossible.