From a mistake, an amazing opportunity

Live like you mean it
Known each other since 1977, freshman year at West Chester State College (now WCU). Glacier National Park, Summer 2016 (Lake Josephine).


From a mistake, an amazing opportunity; will get to that in a minute.

Booked last week’s trip to Glacier National Park as a last resort for a Summer trip because it was the only available reservation out of all the Glacier National Park Lodges – apparently, booking four months in advance isn’t even close to being enough. In a panic, i took the last week of August (the only thing available for the entire Summer).

i knew it would be a bad idea to take our son out of school for a week on the third week of the new school year.

Desperate, i booked the only option.

Each week i went back to the Glacier National Park reservations site and a month later, a miracle – an opening for an entire week at Rising Sun the first week of August (and no school conflict)..

Kept the August reservations – there were two. Four nights at Rising Sun, two nights at Apgar.

Later, a college buddy accepted the invite to travel that final August week.


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