Lots Of Famous People

Lots of famous people will try to tell you and sell you. Aren’t we old enough to recognize hype and exploitation? Marketers feed off our insecurities. We’re easy prey. Get a grip.

Is my approach – you know, the basics, the fundamentals – too much to get your arms around?

Eat. Sleep. Work. Family. Exercise. The trick is to do them well. Which mostly means – just do it.

All of it.

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Lane 8 Digresses?

Lane 8 Digresses?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

You know this if you’ve been following Lane 8 for a few months, the thesis at Lane 8 is taking care of our priceless physical gift – our body.

You have also come to discover the sub-thesis here is that goals should be impossible.

So why all the Suomi (Finland) Ski Jumping stuff?  Call it a mental break from the physical focus.

In fact, the day all the Lahti Ski Jumping videos were shot was a rest day at the Masters Track & Field World Championships.

Rest is critical to physical (and mental and spiritual) health.  So just enjoy this diversion and expect the break to be over soon.  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂