Slowest of the Fastest?

What does this metaphor, “The slowest of the Fastest” mean?

It means very simply this:

We have a choice every moment of every day.

To be positive, or, to not be positive.

Here’s one of life’s invisible truths:  Everybody is fighting a hard battle.  Everyone.  Even the people who appear, on the surface, to have a great (easy) life.

We all have a choice on how we live our lives.

There are two choices:

  1. To be the fastest of the slowest.
  2. To be the slowest of the fastest.

On our deathbed, if we are lucky (blessed) to have this moment, we can look back on our lives and say with a peaceful joy, “I gave it my best effort and have no regrets about what I could have, should have or would have done“.

Visit, or revisit, if you’re interested, the post that explains another metaphor, Lane 8 .

Carpe diem, because if you don’t, who will.  If not today, when?  jeff 🙂

Happy Monday

Hey, I didn’t run today.  Had a big Keynote speech to deliver at 9:00AM to 1,200 Guests, and was at the venue before 7:00AM.   It was GREAT, by the way. 

Each year, I’m blessed, a handful of times, to have impacted an audience so much so that they are compelled to stand and applaud.  Today was one of those days.  Wow!  Humbled.

Felt sickly afterwards, and decided that was nature’s way of telling me to, “Take the day off from working out, you need the rest”.

My left foot does not feel great.  Pain is better than three weeks ago, but not gone.  Patience.  Faith.  Trust.  Surrender.  Etc.  Plus, I have so much to be thankful for, I start to feel guilty with the dream of running with world-class Master’s athletes.

We’ll see how it goes in the morning.

Who’s more passionate?

Who’s more passionate about your health than you?

In case you haven’t noticed, the answer is no one is more passionate about your health than you are.

If this comes as a surprise to you, please hang up and dial 911.

Hey, I’m joking. Sort of.

The emergency you may have, like I did, was a wake-up call from a routine blood test from my 1999 annual physical.

My “good” cholesterol was dangerously low. It was lower than the lowest acceptable level. This got my attention. It got my mid-life attention because it was something I never, ever thought would be an issue.

Guess again.

So I decided to be the most passionate person I know about my own health. This had made an enormous difference. Like night and day. My HDL is now consistently 56 – 60.

I’m still struggling with my overall cholesterol, but am currently maintaining 190 – 210.

I ran a nice and easy five miles this morning. Worked out at the gym yesterday – to strengthen my core, and then parked at my Church and ran four miles on Apopka-Vineland Road, near Conroy-Windermere Road. It’s decently hilly.

As the Mastercard commercial saying goes, “What’s in your wallet?”

Translated, it means, what did you do today or yesterday to prove you are the most passionate person about your health, on this planet?

Make it a GREAT day, because if you don’t, who will?

Carpe diem, jeff