Lose the weight

Wind is an intriguing Pixar short story. Wind stereotypically doesn’t move heavy objects. Great habits usually move heavy objects.

Want to feel lighter?

Drop everything that weighs you down.

You’re welcome.

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A perfect metaphor for real life

Sidewalk near Walt Disney World
Yesterday at ‘the track’, just walking.


Drum roll please.

Soreness is ______…

Still sore, but less so.

Yesterday’s (six mile) walk was a decent compromise.

Life is not fair.

But to be fair, at least it’s unfair to everyone, no exceptions.

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Set the bar one of two places and be very careful

Lane 8 on the track
The worst lane, assigned to the slowest runner


One life epiphany not in the book:

We can set life’s bar low, reach it, and then live with the regret of wondering what we might have done. Or we can set it ridiculously high, fail, but live with the peace of knowing we gave our all.

While not specifically in the book, this is the book.

It is also the metaphor for this blog.

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