Weight Gain or Weight Loss?

Gain Weight?  Loose Weight?
Gain Weight? Loose Weight?

Weight gain, for most people is depressing and demotivating.  Weight loss, for most people, is delightful and motivating. And of course, there are always exceptions to this.

I know much about both weight gain and weight loss. Most of us do.

January is the time of year that typically marks the beginning of a short-lived resolve to either gain weight, or lose weight.

Every January at Gold’s Gym Orlando, I point out to our son (9), “See all these people?  How crowded it is in here?  In about three weeks, it’ll all be back to normal.”

Tomorrow, I’ve got a confession.

Wrong Is Easier

Doing it wrong is easier than doing it right.  You can screw it up by doing it wrong.

And doing it wrong, is as easy as doing nothing.

Ya with me?  Let me say that again.  Doing it wrong is as easy as doing nothing.

Doing nothing is easy.  Maybe that’s why so many do nothing.  Doing it right, is hard work.

The people who do work hard are also tempted to do nothing.  Most don’t believe this, but it’s true.

Take me for example.  Last night I made plans to run five miles this morning.  Instead, I’ve made a few rationalizations so I can do nothing instead.  Actually, I’m very busy this morning.  But not physically.

And so it goes….