1500, 800 and 400

Jeremy Wariner
Third fastest 400 runner of all time.


Today’s workout will be 2015’sĀ first to be held on a track, at Lake Brantley High School. There will be over 1,000 athletes ranging from eight-years old to 80+.

Heading out the door in less than an hour.

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Called an audible two miles in

Google earth camera
Yesterday’s 10-miler near Walt Disney World on Fiquette.


Yesterday was the last run before Saturday’s Central Florida Glider’s track meet at Lake Brantley High School.

Two miles into a nice easy warmup, decided to keep going, meaning i called an audible and went left on Overstreet Road with no intentions of turning around. Rationalized in the moment that a decent 10-miler with progressively faster mile splits would be a nice break from intervals. Seven miles of negative splits before hitting Magic Kingdom Cast parking for a water break.

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Feet healthiest in 10 years

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Only two more workouts before the 2015 season’s first track meet.

Haven’t felt this excited about a track season in a decade.

Feet healthiest in 10 years.

Great cardio base.

Only two weeks of interval training so far. Things are going according to plan. The plan is to move forward to the next threshold only when it feels right. This may mean not being fully prepared for a meet.

And this is ok. Even welcomed.

So two weeks ago i started using intervals to gradually increase the intensity of pace. The intensity of running shorter and faster is the stress it puts on the body.

Going from jogging to running and now to sprinting.

It will take months.

There is a chance that my body may not be ready for the 400 by August 12, 2015.

It doesn’t matter.

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